The CGenial Foundation, state-approved, was created in 2006 by six big companies: Areva, the EADS Foundation, France Telecom-Orange, Schlumberger, SNCF and Technip.

We are administrated by a Board made up of representative Founders and qualified well-known figures. We consult a Scientific Board, constituted of research, innovation, humanities and social science representatives, on big scientific orientations.


Resulting in the disengagement of young adults in the scientific and technical courses, these companies work together to raise awareness about sciences and the jobs associated. We work to revive the relations between youth (especially girls), science, technological innovations and research.

Our goals are numerous and complementary:

- Promote diversity in scientific jobs, we stimulate scientific vocations, for girls as for boys.

- We develop exchanges between the scientific world and the world of business.

- We illustrate educational methods in Middle School and in High School with examples in companies.

- We involve engineers and technicians belonging to companies to put forward their jobs and business.

- We inform youth about the social challenges at stake linked to the advance of sciences and of technologies.


Thanks to the engagement of professionals in the world of teaching and of companies, we put together several flagship actions:

- Engineers and technicians in classes : we organize and coordinate operations in which young engineers and technicians meet up with classes on the teachers demands.

- Teachers in companies : every year in November, this event gives teachers the possibility to visit industrial sites and to talk with the engineers about their every-day-life.

- The CGenial Competition : this competition gives young adults the chance to win a reward for their scientific projects on a regional or national scale.

- The C.Ingenieux Prize : this reward has as an objective to promote entrepreneurship in the midst of young adultes.